Cold Steel (2011)

Cold Steel (2011)

Cold Steel 2011 Online Subtitrat in Romana.n 1938, during the second Sino-Japanese War, Mu Lianfeng (Peter Ho), a 19-year-old orphan, watches an American military plane crash in the forest. Lianfeng comes to the pilot’s rescue and takes him to his village where Liu Yan (Jia Song) has transformed her teashop into a makeshift hospital. As the pilot gradually recuperates, the friendship between the three slowly grows. However, when Lianfeng defends Liu Yan against soldiers of the Nationalist army, commander Wu (Ye Xinyu) arrests both of them and transports them towards his camp. On their way to the base, their convoy is attacked by a Japanese sniper who is eventually neutralized by Lianfeng. Impressed, squad leader Zhang Mengzi (Tony Leung Ka-fai) selects him to take part in an assassination mission targeting four Japanese generals and their Chinese interpreters. However, nothing goes as planned, which infuriates Japanese general Massaya and prompts him to send out his best sharpshooters to take down every last one of them.

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    ba da ce mumos merge

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    bunicel ;)

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    Nu e rau.

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