Blagoslovite zhenshchinu (2003) Online Subtitrat HD

Blagoslovite zhenshchinu (2003) Online Subtitrat HD

The action of this film opens in a tiny Soviet village by the sea, in the years before the Second World War. A very young girl, Vera, falls madly in love with an older military officer who is visiting from out of town. She leaves her home and family to live with him in various military posts where he serves with the army. Through the difficulties of army life, and years of war, her love for this older man survives, and she gives herself completely without reservation. This film is about friendship, loss, survival, loyalty, and the wonderful gift of unconditional love, which is only given to a few.

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  1. JanetK a comentat pe data | 22 February 2016 ora 00:33

    Un film emotionant care merita vazut.

  2. silver oro a comentat pe data | 26 February 2016 ora 22:27

    femeia este lucrarea lui D-zeu pentru examenul de estetica.

  3. stefan a comentat pe data | 1 March 2016 ora 01:44

    Un film bun,frumos ca viata

  4. mircea a comentat pe data | 3 April 2016 ora 14:33

    filmul e bun o lectie in viata

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