Arne Dahl: Europa Blues (2012)

Arne Dahl: Europa Blues (2012)

What does the strange execution of a man at the Stockholm zoo Skansen have to do with the eight disappearing Eastern European women from a refugee station outside the city? And do these cases really have any connection with the horrifying murder of the old Jewish professor at the Jewish cemetery? And what is their relation to the diary from a vague, nightmare-like place on the border of death in 1945? Could any of this really have the least to do with the Intercrime member Arto Söderstedt on a long vacation in Tuscany with his big family? Slowly the seemingly disconnected cases approach each other in the minds of the Intercrime. And time starts acting strange for superintendent Jan-Olov Hultin. The past is not in order. The different cases slowly form a net that his team throws over Europe – and over the dubious Swedish past.

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